Education Levels and Requirements for Employment

The state-by-state comparison of Education Levels and Requirements for a Job can provide some useful information for a new job-seeker. In many cases, the education requirements for a job will be included in the advertisement, and some employers will also consider experience in lieu of education, also known as equivalent experience. Below are some examples of occupations that may have common education requirements. If you are unsure of which occupation you want to pursue, consider gaining an education in an emerging field.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is another great source of information on education requirements for various occupations. These data are collected annually from 3 million households and provide detailed information on the educational attainment of each worker. The BLS uses this data to group occupations and determine the number of people with each type of education. While the information provided by these surveys is helpful, there are some limitations to their data.see more here How Much Do Flight Attendants

In this table, the states with the highest concentrations of jobs by level of education are highlighted. The accompanying text also provides examples of occupations that have higher employment rates in a given state. The tables also present the median annual wage of occupations with the highest education levels. This data is compared to the national median for all occupations. Unfortunately, several states do not have much information available on postsecondary education levels.

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