How to prevent addiction to gambling and betting on the internet?

The situation of addiction to online gambling

Who does not have an Internet sports betting house in their neighborhood, town or city? Surely you have been able to see that it has become the meeting point for young people and minors, who are prohibited from playing but do. This is one more simple example that represents the reality of online gambling addiction in our country. Click here to know more about the

To give you an idea, the Internet game did not reach 200,000 users in 2011 and in 2015 there were already five million. But evolution goes much further. Thanks to internet access and ever-increasing connection speeds, the profile of addicts is changing. In fact, the age group that most opts for betting on the Internet are those between 18 and 35 years old, according to a study published by the Ministry of Health. Even so, 36% of them acknowledge that they started gambling online before they came of age. It is clear, then, that there is a real problem. As we break down in our Digital Family Education program . But do you really know why this addiction arises?

Why is there addiction to gambling and online betting?

First of all, it is important that you know that the fact of spending many hours in front of the computer does not mean that your children suffer from addiction to online gaming. For this problem to exist, they must suffer from certain symptoms that we already explained in our article on how to know if your child is addicted to online games.

As for the reasons why this addiction occurs, we have to focus our attention on the brain.

The online game has a much higher level of stimulation for the user than its traditional version in the real world. There is a social environment (games with other users, competitions…) in which the level of challenge and reward for victory is multiplied. A motivational component with a high degree of reward that is a highly attractive factor for the brain and that serves, in some cases, as a catalyst for other personal problems of the user.

How to avoid Internet gambling addiction?

The most important thing to avoid addiction to online gambling in your children is the intervention of parents from positive reinforcement:

  1. Play whenever you can with your children in order to help them create a critical view of online gaming.
  2. It is advisable to always express how you feel, if you are sad, anxious… and tell them what you are going to do to avoid it without having to go to an electronic device. In this way you teach them that online gaming is not the solution to the problems they may have.
  3. You have to lead by example. You cannot tell your children “don’t play”, “don’t use the mobile”… if you are doing it.
  4. It generates a family atmosphere in which other leisure and entertainment options have a place.

How to train in a responsible use of online games?

It is vital that as a father or mother you inform yourself and know in depth the digital world where your children are. This is the only way you can inform them of the risks they have, for example, online gambling, Internet gambling addiction or Internet shopping addiction. And, of course, that you can teach them that they can also be healthy fun if they do it with knowledge and control. A goal that we share with you.

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