Mau Binh Game and Detailed Rules for Newcomers 2024

Trade war game is a popular card game, attracting millions of participants. With simple but extremely unique gameplay, the game brings interesting experiences to players. To understand the laws and rules of this subject, let’s find out details with Jun88 in the following article 

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Learn an overview of the game Mau Binh 

Mau Binh game, also known as Thap Tam ie or Binh Xap Xam, is one of the traditional games in Vietnam. Mau Binh is not only an entertainment game but also an indispensable part of entertainment culture in society.

This game is often played by people during meetings with friends, family or during festivals.  This subject is attracting more and more players because of its diversity, complexity in gameplay and requirement of high tactical skills. At the same time, the game is also a place to demonstrate the participants’ intelligence, strategy and ability to evaluate situations. 

How to play Mau Binh game in detail from A – Z today 

To become an unbeatable player in the game Mau Binh, you first need to master the rules of the game and the rules below.  

Basic game rules 

Understanding the rules of the game is one of the basic things that any participant needs to do. In there: 

  • Mau Binh plays with a deck of 52 cards, each card has a certain value.
  • Each participating member will receive 13 cards. The task is to arrange them into 3 3 branches so that each branch has the strongest value. 
  • Next, each player’s hands are compared to determine who has the stronger deck.
  • In case a player has a blank winning deck, that person will win without having to compare cards.
  • If two players’ cards are of equal strength, they will split the pot.

Frequently used terms 

In the game Mau Binh, there are a number of commonly used terms, including: 

  • Mau Bi: This is an independent card, with no relation to the cards in the set.
  • Beast: This genus includes two pairs, meaning there are two pairs of cards with the same number.
  • Sam Co: This is the case where there are three cards of the same number, but each card is of a different suit.
  • Straight: A group of five cards with consecutive numbers, regardless of suit.
  • Cu Lu: Includes a triple (three cards of the same number) and a double (two cards of the same number).
  • Four of a Kind: This suit includes four cards of the same number.

In case of white win 

If the deck of cards you own is in the following cases, you will win without needing to compare the cards: 

  • Rolling Dragon: If you own a continuous deck of cards from 2 – A of the same suit, you win white with a bet amount of 24 times.
  • Dragon Hall: Series of cards with different suit from 2 – A, receive 12 times the bet.
  • Five pairs of 1 sham: When there are 5 pairs of cards and a single card, you will receive 6 times the bet amount.
  • Luc Po Bon: There are a total of 6 pairs of cards and a single card, which will bring you 3 times the bet amount.
  • Three buckets: 3 hands with each hand being a type of bucket, you will receive 3 times the bet amount.
  • Three straight: 3 series of cards in 3 hands, receive 3 times the initial bet.

How to calculate money for Mau Binh game

Calculating money in the Mau Binh game is also of interest to many bettors. The following are detailed regulations on the bonuses you receive: 

  • For winners: Each win will be counted as 1 bet. If the player wins 2 hands, they will get 2 bets and if they win 3 hands, they will get 3 bets.
  • For the loser: The loser will have to pay the lost amount to the winner. If they lose all 3 hands (called losing heads), they must pay 3 times, which is 9 hands.

Some tips for playing Mau Binh game effectively from experts 

Playing Mau Binh game is not only about luck but also requires skill and strategy. To help you improve your chances of winning, Jun88 has compiled some good tips from experts as follows:

Arrange the Mau Binh cards in a box of 3 pairs

This is an effective tactic in trade war. To do this, place the buckets on the first and last hands with the strongest pair of cards, while the remaining two pairs are placed in the middle. This way will help protect the deck and create difficulties for the opponent. 

Use the 3-blade hall

The strategy of using the 3-knife hall is considered one of the effective methods to optimize the chances of winning in trade war. A 3-card straight is simply three consecutive cards in order from smallest to largest or vice versa, like 6, 7, 8 or 10, J, Q. By using this straight, you can easily arrange your cards. Logically and control the match. However, when using it, you also need to consider carefully because it is not always suitable to create a lobby.  

So, the general information about the game Mau Binh has been given Jun88 Provide complete and detailed information above. By understanding and applying these tips, you will win more easily. Wishing you success on your path to conquering great prizes!

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