Setting the Scene for Building Muscle & Might

Setting the Scene for Building Muscle & Might Unless you have a terrific genetic inheritance for muscle building, the conventional approach that prescribes a traditional split routine, more weighttraining days than non-weight-training days, lots of isolation exercises, multiple exercises per body part, and a great many sets per workout, delivers little or no gains. Full-body routines of too many exercises performed too frequently are also unproductive for most trainees. Hundreds of thousands of people are living testimony to this stark reality. . Bodybuilding, and strength training in general, are wonderfully rewarding activities so long as you get satisfactory results. Regardless of genetics, gender or age, each of us has tremendous power to improve physique, fitness and health; but very few people fully exploit this power because so few people train in a way that is truly appropriate to them. . e way most people train it is no wonder there is such a huge failure rate and rapid turnover of members in most gyms. If only people would adopt the radical and abbreviated format right from the start, rather than first having to waste perhaps many years of their lives on conventional and inappropriate training instruction. en the success rate for weight training would spiral hugely, and the turnover rate in gyms would plummet. . Stop following instruction that you know is not working. You do not need to be an expert to know if something is not helping you. More of what did not help you over the last few months is not going to help you over the next few months. Stop imitating the training of people who have genetic talent you do not. And stop thinking that anything other than the basic combination of training, food and adequate rest is going to make much if any difference to the results you get from your efforts in the gym. Responsibility and commitment Irrevocable willingness, commitment, determination—call it what you want—is a huge part of making training deliver the goods. You must stay the course and resist peer pressure and the herd instinct that push you towards conformity. And you need to have a mind that is open to investigating the radical. . While the circumstances of life make some decisions more likely than others, and at times almost force your hand, the reality is that each person is responsible for his or her own exercise program’s results. You decide which exercises you use, how you perform them, and how often you train. You decide when you quit a set, when you go to sleep, how well you eat, and whether or not you cut corners in general. ough life’s circumstances influence those decisions, and test your resolve and stickability, you alone are responsible for your progress in the gym. e buck stops with you. . Lastly comment Accept responsibility for having created the current state of your physique and fitness. en assume the responsibility for changing what you do not like. . Let your dissatisfaction with your current physique propel you into furiously motivated, determined and dedicated action to improve it

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