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Basic Link Building Strategies for Businesses

Link-building strategies are an essential part of an online marketing strategy, whether you’re trying to increase your company’s web presence or you’re looking to expand your business by attracting new customers online.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with link building, start with these 5 easy link-building strategies.

1.List in business directories

There are two ways you can go about this. The first option is to research what type of directory you want your company listed in.

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After you have found the relevant directories, make sure they offer free listings, then contact them by email or phone and make a request. Be sure to mention how you came across their directory so they know they are contributing meaningfully to your business.

2.Check for unlinked mentions

Here are some ways to check for unlinked mentions of your brand on other websites:

●Google Alerts

Once you sign up for Google alerts, you will get notified whenever a website mentions your brand name in its content. You can set keywords to search for across the web. These keywords can be your company name, your employees’ name, or your product name.

●Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search can be one of the most useful tools when reclaiming your assets and doing link building for businesses. You can use the Google search by image tool to search the websites using your images without giving you credit. Adopting this tactic can be a good way to earn quality backlinks for free.

3.Resource Link Building

Resource link building can be a tedious task, but it is worth a shot. Resource building is the process of link building on websites that feature top resources in different industries. As per the best SEO agency in Melbourne, this technique is time taking but is considered one of the best link-building tactics.

There is a complete list of steps that are involved in finding resources and then requesting a link back to your website. However, for beginners, some search queries can help you search for suitable resources and request a link back.

For example, if your business is related to marketing, your search queries may look like this:

  • marketing intitle:resources inurl:links.html
  • marketing intitle:links inurl: resources.html
  • marketing

4.Guest posting

You can get backlinks from guest posts by targeting other blogs and reaching out to the content manager of their website. Guest blogging is one of the most effective strategies to build quality backlinks.

The best way to start on this strategy is to find publisher websites that are relevant to your business and have high domain authority. Fewer links on high domain authority are better than a plethora of links on low authority websites.

Having the number game might be worked some years ago, but it is no longer supported by Google. If you want to rank higher, target high-quality sites with quality content.

5.Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the process of acquiring backlinks by identifying links that point to webpages which no longer exist.

How to Check for Broken Links?

To check broken links, you’ll first have to find pages related to your industry. Use the search queries mentioned in the resource link-building section to find the pages. Now that you have all the pages listed open any of them and check for broken links.

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