When a celebrity gets married and has this huge wedding, don’t deny it but we all go on a spree of fantasies built up in our heads of how our wedding would look like. what colour of lehenga we would wear, what kind of wedding jewellery we would choose? Adorning ourselves from head to toe in the epitome of grace.

Now after all the bustle of wedding shopping, especially the outfits and jewellery, what is that one thing that your eyes fall into? The very piece? Yes! It is the all intrinsic and very crucial neckpiece. Your bridal jewellery set isn’t complete without the necklaces in it, no matter how heavy or minimalistic you want it to be.

Hence, to make it a tad bit easier with your bridal jewellery shopping we have got you the trendiest necklaces of the year that is sure to catch your attention:

1) Bridal Choker Set  –  it’s the epitome of pure elegance as you pair it with a high neckline or deeper cut blouse. It can be worn simply by itself, or layered with various other neckpieces. For a very classic royal look go for a choker with a maharani haar and you are all set to look like a Mughal-era queen. 

2) Mid-length Hair – the key to balance, to create uniformity among all the other necklaces. Mid-length haar in a single string or multiple completes your outfit perfectly. It is very minimal in its outlook but adds an irresistible aesthetic to the whole look. If you are going for a simple blouse, multi-layered mid-length haar accentuates the whole look in a bewitching way.

4) Kundan Necklace- with making sure that you have an album full of lovely wedding pictures, adding Kundan jewellery to your bridal trousseau is a divine choice.  Glass instead of diamonds is used and embedded in gold bezels with lac on the other side, giving it more shine and reflection. A stunning choice for the picture-perfect wedding as it makes for contemporary yet traditional vibes in the whole bridal look. When you are wearing your blouse with intrinsic detail, an abstract Kundan necklace set is a perfect way to accentuate and unify the whole look.

5) Diamond Necklace- when you want to go for minimalism and chic, you have nowhere to look but a diamond necklace. Making an opulent statement that gives it the place of not too plain and not too heavy. That silver-white look contrasts so well with any colour that no matter what the occasion is you are all set to be the graceful queen of your family!

6) Temple Jewellery– when mouni Roy broke the ice by going traditional and choosing temple jewellery, it became the influence that many followed in pursuit. Earlier, offered to deities, with motifs of lotus, elephants and idols, temple jewellery has travelled down a long way with promises of prosperity and good luck along with it. Designed in chunky gold with elegant motif designs, it’s vogue. It’s different and ground-breaking.

7) Navratna Haar- making its way through the bridal market, and with the full potential of going gaga very soon is the navratna haar. When you adorn this bridal necklace onto your bare neck, you look nothing but drop-dead gorgeous. Nine different stones ensembled together into a necklace create this eccentric contrast and can be paired with any outfit.

After looking through a whole load of bridal jewellery that may fit your style, it’s very normal to be overwhelmed with what to proceed with and keeping in mind the heavy cost that wedding seems to bring with itself. While being woke is also a trend at the moment. Thinking about an option to not compromise with your plans and going environment and pocket friendly is an excellent choice. 

There is the option to rent jewellery online. Why online? Because you don’t want to end up exhausted in bed after running around for bridal jewellery everywhere. searching for bridal jewellery online is a wise choice. 

You will have a concern about the quality and authenticity of the jewels and would want to go for the best. 

We have your back for this. 

Rent n Flaunt is a brand that lets you rent the best designer jewellery online, and with the utmost care taken over each piece, you are presented with bridal jewellery sets of top-notch quality. Having a versatile option in every wedding trousseau. it’s your one-stop for that big fat Indian wedding.

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