Detailed instructions on how to play Tom’s Nest card game for beginners

Not everyone knows how to play tom tom card game. Basically, this type has appeared for a long time in Vietnamese folk. However, mostly only the elderly still remember this song. In the article content below New88 will give you detailed instructions on how to participate in this game.
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What is Shrimp Totem?

To put it simply, Tom’s Nest is a card game originating from China and imported to Vietnam a long time ago in the Northern region of our country. Besides, it also has another name such as “Three volumes” including Van, Van, and Book.

Playing Tom’s Nest cards requires participants to be thoughtful, proficient and knowledgeable about the rules. In addition, due to its attractiveness, this type has been included by bookmakers in their list of betting products.

The cards in the shrimp nest

Before learning about how to play To Tom, you need to clearly understand the cards, which include 120 cards and are not numbered. Specifically:

  • Normally the 120 cards in the set will be divided into 4 types of troops.
  • Each type of piece will consist of 30 cards.
  • The names of the cards in each suit will be read from left to right. Only need to pay attention to two elements: numbers and capitals.
  • For numbers, there are 9 rows from 1st to 9th.
  • On the contrary, the flower part will include 3 rows of Van, Van and Sach.

In addition to regular cards, the way to play Tom’s Nest includes other special cards such as:

  • Thang thang: Is the image of a woman holding a child in her arms.
  • Old man: Drawing of an old man leaning on a cane.
  • Chi chi: This card shows a man holding two clubs.

Detailed instructions on how to play Tom’s Nest card game

The normal way to play Tom’s Nest will include two tables, one with 4 people and the other with 5 people. Specifically:

How to play shrimp nest card game for 4 people

Basically, the house will divide it into 5 parts, the task of 4 people will be to choose a part for themselves. The remaining cards will be considered venomous, and the way to play Tom’s Nest will begin as follows:

  • The player has the right to bust as soon as he draws a card with 2 backs.
  • However, if there is a red cross or red cross in the game, the two backs will not be counted.
  • Thus, in this game, the win will be given to the person who has 12 roses and 2 glasses.

How to play Tom’s Nest card game with 5 people

Unlike 4 people, in this part the dealer will divide equally among 5 participants, each person will get 20 cards. The remaining cards will be used as venom. Specifically:
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  • The person holding the card will be avoided first and has the right to draw one more card from the pile.
  • The game continues until someone buzzes.
  • The game ends when there are only 5 cards left in the pile.
  • Players will start counting points to determine the winner or loser if no one has buzzed yet.

Instructions on how to hold and arrange cards

The section has guided you how to play the tom nest card. In this section, we will share with you how to hold and arrange the cards. Specifically:

How to hold cards

It’s up to each person to hold the cards in their hand so that they are easiest to see. However, it should be noted that the Love cards must be prioritized in the middle and not overlap each other, or you can also arrange them separately. Specifically:

  • Phu squash: Consists of 3 leaves arranged in horizontal rows.
  • Vertical leaf: Consists of 3 leaves in a vertical row.

How to arrange cards

The way to arrange the shrimp nest cards is as follows, you can refer to:

  • The player with the husk must face down.
  • If the player takes a village card with two identical cards, the second card must be placed on top of the 5 community cards.
  • In case someone eats the dish vertically, put it at the bottom.
  • In particular, anyone who has a natural opening must turn it face down and present it.

Rules about buzzing in a card game

In how to play the tom tom card game, there are some rules that you need to understand clearly as follows:

Conditions for buzzing

The conditions for busting a hand are calculated as follows:

  • The pieces must all fall to the ground, and the previously face-down cards must be turned over.
  • Requires 21 cards and no odd numbers. Besides, there must be at least one back.

Types of buzzing

Below are the types of buzzing in the tom nest song:

  • Hip buzzing: Continuous buzzing from the second tree.
  • Ten Dien: The entire Red Army is about to riot.
  • White Peak: The return of the entire white army.
  • Tool glasses: Includes red and white old man cards.
  • Four-piece glass: Includes 4 old red and white cards.
  • Chi: That means buzzing thanks to the last card drawn from the pile.

How to calculate buzzing score

In playing the tom nest card, points will be calculated as follows:

  • Ð Free and previous game, player wins: Add 1 point.
  • There are shrimp and every 5 spaces: Add 1 point.
  • Victory: 2 points.
  • 10 things: 3 points.
  • Glass: 6 points.
  • Aries: 8 points.
  • Respecting the deceased 4th: Add 10 points.
  • 2 translations 1: 25 points.
  • 4 translations 2: 50 points.

The content of the article above has guided youHow to play tom tom card game most detailed. We hope to bring you interesting experiences as well as bring in an attractive source of income from this game.

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