Hovsco is about to launch new full-suspension ebike

Hovsco electric bikes with full suspension hovscout provide a very comfortable and safe ride on any terrain. They are not just for “bikers” but also for anyone who wants to take full advantage of   upgraded full suspension feature and adaptable torque sensor technology while you can enjoy a smooth ride, perfect handling and perfect control.

Hovscout ebike has front and rear suspension elements to improve comfort and handling. The rear four-bar linkage suspension features adjustable rebound controls and a lockout mode for optimal pedaling efficiency, while the coil suspension ensures front stability. These provide excellent vibration absorption and balance from front to back when climbing steep hills or accelerating rapidly from a stop, which makes it easy to conquer rough terrain.

What is a full-suspension e-bike?

You may sometimes see it written as ‘FullSus‘. The word is a combination of ‘full’ and ‘suspension’. Due to their having both front and rear suspension, full-suspension mountain bikes may also be referred to as dual-suspension mountain bikes. Off-road bikes with rear shocks are more efficient and more comfortable to ride.

Full suspension ebikes advantages:

Bicycles allow you to travel over different terrains, but as an experienced biker will tell you not all terrains are created equal. Flat roads can provide a smooth riding experience, but gravel, loose dirt, hills, cobblestones, and other rough terrain will cause tension, vibration and shock to your bicycle. The occasional rough patch may be tolerable with a standard bicycle, but long-term riding over uneven terrain will not only make riders sick but can also cause bruises and other injuries due to the number of jolts and shocks that come with cycling.

Suspension systems are specifically incorporated into bicycles so that riding over uneven terrain is not only safer but also easier to navigate through the improved traction provided by the suspension system. Bikes help to suspend riders (hence the name), acting as a cushioning system against the shocks and vibrations that come from riding on rough terrain. Various types of suspension systems are available in the market and range from a single component to the entire bike frame with suspension support. 

Advantages of an ebike bike suspension:

Greater comfort. The suspension system acts as a major shock absorber that reduces the overall strain you feel while riding on bumpy and uneven terrain. Suspension is effectively mandatory if you want to ride mountain trails without getting sick, as well as those who want to ride for more than a few minutes without taking their hands off.

Greater control. Suspension systems also often improve a bike’s traction, helping both tires stay on the ground and more level with each other as you ride. The level of control is affected by the type of suspension you get, with big gains if it’s wheel suspension and little gain if it’s a seat post or saddle suspension system.

Longer lifespan: Although the suspension system requires periodic maintenance, the overall lifespan of most ebike frames is also longer due to the suspension system. By absorbing much of the shock that comes with riding over rough terrain, your ebike won’t wear out nearly as quickly as with a non-suspension system. This is especially true for mountain bikers, where a traditional ebike with no suspension will wear out and break down after just a few months.

Smart choice for athletes: The advantage of a full-suspension electric mountain bike is that it can accommodate all types of users. So if you are a sports fanatic looking for a limited bike, then full suspension is definitely the best type of mountain bike for you.

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