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How To Make A Vertical Garden From Plastic Bottles

With each passing day, spaces are getting smaller: small apartments, small houses, kites… The search for decorative components that suit this type of environment is also growing.

Anyone who is adept at natural decorations may think that it is impossible to maintain a garden within a small space. However, you are wrong! A strong decorative trend is hanging gardens – or vertical gardens. It is possible to mount yours using only a vacant wall, thus saving a great deal of space.More Info About Exipure

The suspended garden with a pet bottle is a great option for those looking to combine sustainability with nature. Making a hanging garden with a pet bottle is simple, just having as a base the pet bottles, soda, which are easily found and can be reused.

First, you must know what size wall you will be using to make the garden. With this information, you will know the number of bottles to be used. Remember that they will be placed one on top of the other, with a short space of distance apart.click here for more info Jack of All Trades Quote

  • Cut a cut in the middle of each bottle (enough for planting a seedling) as large as possible on one side. Do not cut the sides of the bottle, otherwise, the substrate will leak;
  • When planting the seedlings, first put some stones and a small layer of geotextile blanket inside the bottle, which is a type of fabric to help drain the garden. Finally, place the plant and the substrate;
  • On the opposite side, make a small hole or up to three holes the size of a nail (to drip and the plant is not too moistened);
  • Choose a way to secure the bottles. A good option is to hang them on a clothesline, placing the bottles in sequence! All Movies HD Download free from here F95Zone

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