How To Clean Dog’s Clothes, Sweaters, Bedding & Collars?

Many dog parents quickly think of food, playtime, and veterinary care when they think about everything their pet needs to thrive. In addition to bedding, sweaters, and collars, dog essentials are crucial in maintaining your dog’s health and happiness.

According to the American Pet Products Association, in 2018, Americans spent over $72 billion on pets. Many of those funds go towards veterinary care, feeding, and grooming.

In humans, dogs can carry germs and bacteria that can cause illness. The most common diseases include tapeworm, campylobacter, rabies, and roundworm. Therefore, all dog owners need to know how to wash dog garments and beds properly.

How Should You Prepare for Dog Laundry?

If you want your dogs’ belongings to be cleaned, you can always hire a dog bed cleaning service. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you should make sure of a few things before washing your dogs’ clothes.

  • You should always vacuum your dogs’ hair to not get on your clothes. In addition, you can wash off the hair with a hair-removing laundry detergent.
  • Follow the wash care instructions on the dogs’ clothing for the best results. Verify whether it can be washed by machine or by hand.
  • Ensure the bedding or sweaters are free of loose seams or tears. In these cases, you should throw the garment away.
  • Get ready to prepare pet-friendly natural laundry detergent. Make the distinction between hand-washable and machine-washable garments.

Can You Wash Dog Stuff With Human Clothes?

You can use an unscented detergent on the sanitation cycle or the hottest water cycle available to wash your cat and dog beds.

After washing pet bedding or pet toys, it is recommended that you run an empty cycle in your washer to clean it before you run any human laundry thoroughly.

How to Wash Smelly Dog Garments?

To keep your pet’s laundry clean and germ-free, you need to wash it properly. Follow these steps to wash your pet’s clothes and sweater. Have a look!

Step 1

Make sure you read the care label on any sweaters, blankets, and clothes for dogs. Some of them are washable, while others require hand washing.

Step 2

Food or mud can stain dog clothes. Be sure to pretreat the stains with a stain remover before going for the main wash.

Step 3

As instructed on the care label, you can mix pet detergent or hypoallergenic detergent with lukewarm to warm water. Do not use perfumes or dyes as they may cause skin irritation on your dog.

Step 4

It is not always enough to wash the dog’s clothes and blankets. You can’t quickly get rid of the smell of your dog and its poop. The best way to cure stinky clothes, beds, and blankets is to soak them overnight in cool water and add baking soda solution.

You can make the stink removing solution by mixing two quarts of cool water with one cup of baking soda. And then, rewash it.

Step 5

To dry all clothes and blankets, let them air dry. Do not use direct heat as it may result in shrinkage.

Step 6

You should leave them to dry completely before using them again by your dogs.

How to Wash Leather Dog Collars?

Do not worry about the finished or unfinished leather on your dogs’ collar. The same method will work for either type of leather collar. Here’s how to do it:

  • Soak a soft, clean cloth or napkin in a lukewarm leather or saddle soap solution.
  • Wipe the leather surface both inside and outside.
  • Clean and dry it with a towel.
  • Make sure both sides are completely dry. Do not expose it to direct heat.
  • Let’s take care of ourselves after washing. It is recommended to use a commercial leather conditioner or unfinished leather to maintain flexibility.
  • You can make a homemade leather conditioner and apply it to finished leather. To make it:
  • Mix two parts of boiled linseed oil with one part of distilled white vinegar.
  • Stir well to combine.
  • Rub the leather with a cloth dipped in the solution.
  • Allow the leather to air dry.

Is It Okay to Wash Dog Bedding in the Washing Machine?

In addition to washing the dog bed in the washing machine, you should also clean the kennel. Place the entire bed or its cover in a front-loading washer and wash it in hot water to kill insects and eggs.

Ensure that you use a pet-safe laundry detergent so as not to irritate your dog’s skin.

How to Clean Pet Bedding?

If you use a mild detergent without dyes or fragrances, you can wash your pet’s bedding and plush toys in your washer. As a result of the size of the bedding, it is best to use a front-load or top-load washer without an agitator.

To ensure that as much dog hair as possible is removed before washing, remove the cover, treat any stains, and vacuum or shake the bedding outside.

It is possible to dry the bedding using only the air setting in a dryer. Keeping the drains of your washer clean will help prevent clogging.

In the wash water, add one cup of baking soda to neutralize odors. Due to the added perfume to liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, your pet’s skin may be irritated.

Line drying bedding and toys help dissipate odors and freshen them. Ensure that you clean the lint filter that will likely be clogged with hair if you use a dryer.

If you need to clean your washing machine after washing your pet’s laundry, add half a cup of chlorine bleach to the hot water. Now it’s time to pick up the rest of your family’s laundry.

How Do I Clean My Washing Machine After Dog Bedding?

On the machine’s rinse cycle, add half a cup of white vinegar. Do not do laundry while you clean the washer. To clean your machine’s drum, wipe it down with a cloth after the cycle is complete.


How often do you wash dog clothes?

Generally, you would wash your dog’s clothes once every two weeks and no more than once per month. I don’t think you would be wrong if you suggested that dog clothes be washed once a week.

Is it okay to never wash your dog?

It’s essential to keep your dog clean, but it’s equally important not to wash them too often. As a result, the skin becomes dry, external treatments to get rid of fleas and worms cannot occur, and skin disorders may develop.

Don’t Have Time to Wash Dog Garments ?

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Wind Up

If you have to deal with dog laundry, always read the label to ensure you are doing it correctly. Avoid detergents containing perfumes or dyes. Check the colors of bedding and sweaters before washing.

You should wash clothing and sweaters at least once a week but collars, leashes, and harnesses regularly.

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