T20 matches in Parimatch betting line – learn how to bet on Sri Lanka vs Australia match

Twenty20 is a popular match format in PRO cricket, so there are many such events are available via the Parimatch website. The main feature of this format is limited-overs cricket with two involved teams and each of them with a single inning. Here each team will try to get a maximum of 20 overs (or 120 legal balls). That’s only some features of this format that should be taken into account by bettors during the preparation for online betting. Also, remember that most of the T20 matches are won by Pakistan, but matches Sri Lanka vs Australia and others deserve your attention as well. According to the statistics, the total number of wins of the Pakistan team is 125 (in 206 matches). But dont limit yourself only to these team bets because there can be founded many other worthy teams. 

T20 betting online in Parimatch – main information about this format and its rules

Before starting betting on T20 matches it’s important to learn all the main features of this format to understand how to find the best matches and markets. The first T20 match was in 2003, so this is not the oldest format but for sure it was the most popular last year. The main reason for the new format creation was the desire to make the cricket game much faster to matches do not take several days. 

According to the T20 tournament rules, this format matches can be played anytime during the year and the total number of teams is 16. All the competition will be divided into the 3 stages, but only the eight strongest teams will be qualified for the T20 World Cricket. And all other teams (while the 9th to 16th ranked) will need to meet during the First Round stage. Here are three main stages of the typical T20 tournament:

  1. Group stage
  2. Super 12s stage
  3. Knockout stage

During the Group stage, all the teams will be divided into two main groups – A and B with 4 competing teams inside each of them. Each team will play with others once, and the two strongest in each group will be qualified for the net Super 12s stage. In this stage teams from Group 1, and Group 2 will try to become winners and get the invitation to the Knockout stage, but only the top two teams will be qualified for that. The last Knockout stage contains two semi-finals and the grand final. 

Sri Lanka vs Australia betting line  – the best T20 markets in Parimatch

To start betting on T20 matches it’s important to learn cricket rules and tournament terms. After that, the bettor will simply read the available betting line and select the best markets to bet on. The typical pre-match betting line in Parimatch contains the next markets:

  • match winner;
  • totals;
  • best bowler;
  • innings runs;
  • top bowler;
  • race up to 10 runs;
  • winner of the series, etc.!

And that’s only some of the markets which will be available via the Parimatch website for all the registered bettors. But for sure the best choice of the markets you will find is in the LIVE betting line, where you could bet on most match sixes, the highest opening partnership, and win the toss.

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