What will happen when going through a divorce if I start dating again?

Since you and your spouse have finally decided to divorce, you have felt like you could finally take a deep breath. While some people may feel devastated and in need of time to recover after a divorce, others may desire to start dating again immediately soon. One partner’s mental withdrawal from the marriage often precedes the other’s. Having a romantic relationship during a divorce is not prohibited, but it might make things more difficult. Continue till the end to learn more.

If you do this, your coparenting relationship may suffer.

It’s possible that your ex-spouse hasn’t yet dealt with their own feelings of loss over the breakup of your marriage. They might act out if they find out the two of you are dating already. While it’s never acceptable to turn your children against you, sometimes people’s emotions get the best of them and they act irrationally. If you are still married and you flaunt your dating life in front of your ex, you may permanently ruin your ability to co-parent. Click here for more about Compuserve Mail

There May Be a Delay in Your Divorce

Both parties must be willing to give in order to reach a fair divorce settlement. These agreements and compromises usually fall by the wayside when one partner begins dating before the other feels it is suitable. The instant you start dating, all of your attorney’s hard work may go out the window. That means extra time, money, and effort spent on legal representation before you can finally end your marriage and start fresh.

Spending a lot of money on a new significant other could be questioned.

A casual outing on the weekend might not break the bank, but the picture changes when two high-earners decide to go all out on dates, vacations, and other relationship expenses. Anything you buy while you’re married could be considered joint property.

This could make the distribution of assets much more difficult and hurt your case in court. If you do decide to date before your divorce is finalised, it’s best not to spend a lot of money on extravagant trips or gifts for a new significant other.

Your actions may negatively impact the children.

Keep in mind that your kids are still hurting from the breakup of their parent’s marriage.

Your time spent with your new partner may damage your relationship with your children even if they have never met your children (which they should not do if you are still married).

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