5 Expert Tips On Getting A Travel Job In Australia

It’s Andrew Coldbeck here, founder and General Manager of The Job Shop.

I talk to thousands of Job Seekers / Travellers every year, and my priority is on finding you an awesome job – fast, easy and TOTALLY FREE.

As you may be aware, finding work has become much harder than it was just a few short months ago.

BUT! There are still great jobs for people who have the right approach. We are seeing a steady stream of jobs in a wide range of industries, coming in each day so DON’T GIVE UP! These include farming, horticulture, hospitality and trades & labouring.All information details Starbucks Prices

Advice and tips on finding that great job.

Here are some very useful tips to help you find that great job to keep your cash flowing and/or to get your second Working Holiday Visa (WHV).

You need to be switched on, mobile, prepared and persistant!

What does this mean?

  1. Approach work agencies and employers seriously and with the right attitude. The first impression says it all and we like to see enthusiasm, common sense and patience. Don’t lie! If you can only work for 8 weeks, make sure you say it.
  2. The cost of airfares has never been this low, be prepared to jump on a plane and go to the other side of the country.
  3. Never give up, the people we are finding work for are patient and persistent. You may have to wait a day, a week or two weeks but the patient people are the ones who are finding the best jobs.
  4. Plan to stay in work longer… the days of working for 4-6 weeks and then moving on are fast running out. Most employers like workers to stay for 3 months at least. This still gives you plenty of time to travel, explore and party.
  5. Make sure your CV is well prepared and up to date, including your work experiences in Australia.

Lastly comment

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