Car accident lawsuit FAQs

When you are involved in a car accident, you might be in tremendous physical pain and mental agony. It is normal to have multiple questions and no answers when you are in such a situation. To help you clear the cloud, the lawyers of  Cimarron Ridge Legal Group have answered some of the frequently asked questions by their clients. 

I have met a car accident, what should I do immediately?

No matter how careful you are while driving your car, accidents come uninvited within a blink of an eye. You should prepare yourself mentally so that you might someday face such a situation. 

After a car accident, you might feel pain and be in a state of fear. But it is suggested that keep yourself calm. Call 911 and inform them about your situation. In case you are severely injured call for medical help. In case the injuries are minor, take your time and take photos of the accident scene. Also, note the contact detail of the witness who is present there.

Is it mandatory to visit the court of law if I file a lawsuit?

About 90% of personal injury cases are solved outside the court. These are the cases where both parties can conclude mutually to a decision. But if the insurance company or the other party does not come to a mutual decision, and they are pressurising you to settle for a low settlement, you can file litigation. 

During the litigation, a personal injury lawyer will represent you in a court of law. They will argue on your behalf, present the evidence and establish the fact that you deserve more compensation.

If my injuries are minor, can I seek to see a doctor?

It is not a good idea to avoid seeing a doctor after a car accident. No matter how nominal your injuries are, you must visit a doctor. There are two reasons for doing so. Firstly, for your own physical benefit. Few injuries might seem negligible from the outside but if not treated, you might not know about any internal injuries that you have.

Secondly, not going to the doctor might imply that you were not at all hurt in the accident and you are making false accusations.

Parting Note 

Hope these questions will quench your thirst. For further queries, you can contact a personal injury lawyer. 

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