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How to choose the right curtains?

Curtains and sheers are essential elements of interior decoration. They decorate your windows but also give style and ambience to your room. The curtains add the final touch to the decor. Single curtain or double curtain, it’s all a question of taste. 

The choice of fabrics, materials, colours and finishes must be taken into account for an elegant and successful interior. Determine your wants and needs before taking the plunge and putting the finishing touches to your interior decoration with the help of Saaria, or giving it a refresh. 

Before even developing the type of curtains and fabrics, it must be emphasized that curtains are the best element you can find to soften the acoustics. Please note that it is possible to quiet a room and make it quieter and warmer by hanging curtains. The softness and relative thickness of the fabric absorbs sounds and reduces room resonance. Curtains are therefore ideal for large rooms and new homes.

Which curtain for which room?

Curtain or veil? Whatever your choice, both are suitable in all rooms of your interior. Only the type of fabric you choose will play the main role. Curtains, also called draperies or sometimes panels, give style and character to a room. 

Decorating a window with patterned, printed or plain curtains means preserving your privacy from outside eyes while allowing light to pass through with a curtain, protecting yourself from light but also protecting the furniture, providing a barrier to heat, and cold with thermal blackout curtains. 

Simply choose the curtains according to your lighting needs and the colour of the walls to make your room a haven of comfort. Formerly a simple covering, today real decorative elements dress the window and the room with elegance. You just have to choose the right one from the different types of curtains.

Light/sheer curtains

Light curtains or sheers are fluid curtains whose fabric allows light to be filtered gently but at the same time hides you from view. You see without being seen. Their level of transparency varies. 

In voile curtains, you will find fabrics such as organza or even cheesecloth. Whatever your choice, it must be in harmony with the rest of the room. The curtain is perfect for the kitchen to give an intimate side to the room for family meals or discussions with friends. 

In the living room or dining room, the voile curtain will be ideal, if you are not looking to hide from the sun but to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun in your room, and enjoy the view of your garden. 

A curtain for the bedroom? Several factors must be taken into account. Does your window have shutters? Do you have any contact? If your window is equipped with shutters and you just want to protect yourself from prying eyes, a simple curtain will suffice. The bathroom? Why not! 

If the opening and ventilation are optimal, go for voile curtains and create a real nest of comfort for moments of relaxation in your bathroom. Opt for fabrics that are not sensitive to humidity and that dry easily such as polyester. Ideal if you can leave the window ajar to ventilate your bathroom sufficiently.

Filter Curtains

The curtain with a filtering fabric decorates your windows and filters the sun’s rays into the room without seeing through the fabric. The light in the room will be soft and calming. 

Give a natural look to your room with a soft fabric like linen. Authenticity and well-being will be the keywords of your home. The filtering curtain will naturally find its place in living rooms where decoration is essential and total darkness is not essential. 

Enjoy a meeting with friends in the living room, where the good mood will be accentuated by the warmth emitted by the decoration of the room, and the soft light coming from the windows. The kitchen and dining room will be even more welcoming rooms, where conviviality will be the key words thanks to your filtering curtains. 

A filtering curtain will also find its place if you want to make a room more intimate. Thus, in a bedroom or studio, the filtering curtain will give a cocooning and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for rest in a warm room. 

You will relax in a room of great beauty in a bathroom with a specific filtering fabric. Your curtains will be your ally in moments of relaxation. However, the ventilation of the room is important, to make the most of your curtains in this room.

Blackout curtains

The curtain with blackout fabric is a thick and opaque curtain which allows the light to be obscured, that is to say, which prevents daylight from entering the room and helps to plunge the room into total darkness when the shutters are absent or ineffective. 

In winter, blackout curtains also protect against cold winds which can sometimes pass through poorly installed joinery or faulty insulation. In summer, these curtains will protect against outside heat. However, the primary function of the blackout curtain is to decorate the room and give style to your interior. 

Blackout curtains are available in a wide variety of colours, with a wide choice of printed patterns or solid colours. They also have different materials on which it is possible to play. 

Thick materials like jacquard, velvet, silk, taffeta, shantung, herringbone cotton, or linen are good options for blackout. Just as useful in the living room as in the bedroom, this type of curtain also serves to protect you from prying eyes from the neighbourhood. 

Combining a curtain with blackout fabric with another voile or filtering curtain or with a blind, such as Roman blinds, works very well for designer and functional windows.

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