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How to have plants in small environments

Decorating small spaces with plants raises many doubts, after all, you must take into account the height of the plant chosen with the space you have. So, how to have plants in small environments?

As the room in the house is already small, avoid suffocating it with plants, keeping the environment cleaner. The idea is to configure the decoration with charm with landscape elements that convey delicacy and add life to the environment.

The most common species for small environments and which are more advisable are also the Spear of São Jorge, African Orchid, and Dracena Arborea. But it is very important to know how to keep plants in small spaces because they need air and light to survive, so the best place to keep them is near windows or on a balcony.

If you prefer, Chamaedorea and Rhapis excelsa palms are well suited to small, indoor environments, as they are shade plants. But other species are welcome to decorate small environments such as Zamioculca, Padova, Philodendron mini, Peace lily, African violet, Arboreal Dracena, Philodendron, Camadorea elegans, and others.click here for more info Kolkata FF Fatafat Tips 2020

Do not exaggerate the number of plants in a single environment, the idea is to have up to two pots. Take advantage of these tips on how to have plants in small environments and start decorating yours now.

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