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How To Installing WordPress on Your Web Server ?

In This Chapter ▶ Installing WordPress ▶ Understanding WordPress release cycles ▶ Tracking WordPress development

When delving in to the world of WordPress web design, you need to make sure that you set up a solid foundation to work from. This means that you need to have the latest version of WordPress installed on your web server and know how to upgrade it when WordPress releases a new version of its software, which it does approximately once every 120 days. This chapter takes you through installing WordPress correctly, step by step, so you have a solid foundation to work from. 

That foundation allows you to concentrate more on your design work and coding and less on the back-end, server-related issues that may pop up if you don’t pay attention to those initial installation steps. If you plan on designing and developing WordPress themes for yourself, for public release, or for paid clients, you need to understand the release schedule of WordPress development, versions, and nightly builds, or bleeding edge versions, which are released prior to official releases. This chapter gives you the resources you need to stay up to date with WordPress development. You Get all Info About Fast ssrmovies

Installing WordPress 

Before you’re ready to install WordPress, you need to do the following: ✓ Purchase the domain name registration for your account. ✓ Obtain a hosting service on a web server for your site.

Establishing a WordPress Foundation ✓ Establish your hosting account username, password, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) address. ✓ Acquire an FTP client for transferring files to your hosting account. If you’ve missed any of the first three items listed, see Chapter 2 for details. For more on acquiring and using an FTP client, see Chapter 5. Some web hosts offer a one-click installation process for WordPress through scripts like Fantastico, which is the most popular script installer available. 

If this is the case for you, you can simply follow the instructions provided by your web host (and skip ahead to the “Discovering WordPress Release Cycles” section, later in this chapter). The instructions in this section are for manually installing WordPress on your web server. If you have to install WordPress manually, here’s where the rubber meets the road — that is, you’re putting WordPress’s famous five-minute installation to the test. Set your watch and see whether you can meet that five-minute mark. 

The famous five-minute installation includes the time it takes to install only the software. It doesn’t include the time to register a domain name; obtain and set up your web-hosting service; and download, install, configure, and figure out how to use the FTP software. Without further ado, here are the general steps to install WordPress: 

  1. Get the latest version of the WordPress software at http:// WordPress gives you two compression formats for the software: .zip and tar.gz. know more here Online Casino

I recommend getting the Zip file because it’s the most common format for compressed files. 2. Download the WordPress software to your computer and decompress (or unpack or unzip) it to a folder on your computer’s hard drive. You can use a free web application such as WinZip ( to decompress the file. 3. Set up a MySQL database so that it’s ready to accept the installation. 4. Upload (transfer) the WordPress files from your hard drive to your web-server account (the one you obtain in Chapter 2). 5. Connect the WordPress software you uploaded to the MySQL database.

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