How to Play Mobile Legend on PC or Desktop

Every online game must have a currency that serves to buy various items in the game.

How to Play Mobile Legend on PC – Toppers, are you a gaming lover, especially MOBA games? Have you ever played and enjoyed the thrill of one of the most popular MOBA games on our smartphones, namely Mobile Legends? Mobile Legends is a popular Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena game available on your iOS or Android phone. This game was released by a game developer from China, namely Moonton. In Mobile Legends, you play as a “Hero” character, and the battle is 5 against 5. This game is now being loved by various groups, even the country of its creator is less popular than the popularity of Mobile Legends abroad. This game is now endemic in Indonesia, and you can find various groups who are busy staring at their cell phone screens, playing and fighting with opponents in this game. The currency in the Mobile Legends (ML) game is called Diamond. With Diamond, players can buy interesting items, such as skins, heroes, emblems, tower skins, emotes, and others. To get this ML diamond, players can easily top up ML diamonds with real money.

Well, did you know that playing Mobile Legends is fun with your friends, not only can you do it via your cell phone, you can also play on your PC for an even more exciting MOBA experience! Let’s see how to play Mobile Legend on PC!

How to Play Mobile Legend on PC

Download Emulator

The first step to playing Mobile Legends on PC is to download the Android emulator available for your PC. The most featured application is called Nox Player, an emulator for Android that you can download on the official page of Nox Player called Big Nox. After downloading the Nox Player emulator, the next step is to install this application on your PC.

Download APK

In addition to downloading the emulator to be able to run Mobile Legends on your PC, you must download the APK (Android Package) of the Mobile Legends game. You can find and download this APK on various websites, or if you are lazy, you can directly download Mobile Legends via Google Play which is available on the Nox Player emulator. If you downloaded it from another place, you have to move it from the file you point to Nox Player, then continue the installation or wait for further instructions.

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Complete Installation & Adjustment

The next and final step is to complete the installation on Mobile Legends. Wait until your Mobile Legends has finished installing, then after that you can enjoy Mobile Legends with a different style, by playing it on a PC. Besides that, you also need to set and adjust the controls separately, if you use Nox Player then you can select the simulate touch section to adjust various controls to facilitate the playing process. Don’t forget, the controls from your phone are different if you play via PC, so make sure you practice and play often so you don’t lose!

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