7 Ways Thieves Target Backpackers

Getting mugged abroad can be a very traumatic event, not to mention the interruption it will inevitably cause your travel plans.  While you can take every precaution against it happening to you, thieves world wide are generally a step ahead. You may not be able to avoid looking like a tourist but you can concentrate on minimising the risks by travelling wise.Plz visit here for information about filmymeet

Tourists are targeted by thieves all over the world, and usually in local popular hotspots. This is because tourists have travel schedules to keep so you are less likely to make a complaint to police, and you probably have travel insurance to cover your losses which makes you less likely to put up a fight. But be careful, now days passports are just as valuable as cash and credit cards to a thief.

I’ve been robbed when I’ve been travelling. I’ll explain how below. As a tour guide in Europe and hostel worker in New Zealand I’ve seen many people robbed or I’ve had to deal with the aftermath of a robbery. These then are common ways backpackers are targeted and robbed:

1. Being an immobile target on a train

When two backpackers are travelling together, thieves will often work in tandem to stop one backpacker getting off a train and following their friend. This is easy to do in a rush hour environment where people are squeezing off and on the train at each station and you have a heavy backpack on. By being separated, the thieves can then more easily pickpocket/mug you without your friend minding your back.

  1. Being befriended for all the wrong reasons

Meeting locals is a great thing, but beware those with gifts of local help, a shortcut, or a good deal until you are very sure of their intentions. This is often a tough call especially when you are travelling alone and might actually need help. An isolated or befriended traveller will seek advice and follow a thief away from crowds. They can then be more easily pickpocketed or threatened.

3. Getting jumped when you are drunk and walking home alone

This happens normally happens when you are so intoxicated you trust anyone or just don’t see any danger looming. When you’re drunk and don’t speak the language it’s even harder to know what’s coming. It is then very easy for a small group to target, assault and rob you. At the very least look out for a mate who could be targeted. If you are in a poor state don’t take a shortcut off main roads especially when you don’t know the neighbourhood. Forget the backpacker budget, take a cab.Visit here Second Hand Mobile

4. You simply don’t lock valuables up

I’m always surprised at how trusting people are with hostel room mates, the type of locks they use on storage lockers and how they think no one except the hostel staff might access their rooms. Cameras, ipods and the like are often put in the bottom of bags with the expectation that thieves won’t go through everything – they do! Select hostels who have decent lockable storage facilities in the room and keycard room locks to avoid rogue keys being used to access the room. There’s always a time lapse between a key being lost and the locksmith attending the hostel.Please visit here for information about Software Testing

  1. Having a handbag stolen from under your chair

You probably wouldn’t put your bag down at home when you go out but when you are on holiday your mind can offer slip into neutral. The situation is exacerbated for girls because they may well be carrying their passports  for ID in their bags. This being so handbags become even more lucrative targets and are easily taken when no-one is looking.

6. Being isolated in popular tourist places at the wrong time

I got robbed with my brother in the red light district of Amsterdam at 10am in the morning. At this time of day, there are very few other tourists around to help, even if you were bold enough to yell and scream when a knife is pulled on you. The best advice this incident taught me is to keep $50 equivalent in your pocket at all times so you can give it and the robber will hopefully leave you be. You then don’t have to pull out your wallet or reveal you have a money belt on and lose even here to know more 9xMovies

7. Night buses

Night buses are the cheapest travel alternative and they save you a nights hostel accommodation. If ever there was a sitting duck, however, it’s a backpacker on a night bus who needs some sleep and doesn’t secure their valuables. Money belts are your best bets or have a bag that you can really secure close to you, not in an overhead locker. The other classic is when you get off the night bus completely jaded and tired. You put down the day pack you’ve fretted over all night to have a coffee or look up for directions. Next thing it’s gone, taken by thieves who might distract you while their mate takes the bag.

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